The #1 language course for kids!

Online Language Course for ages 4-15

Let your child learn English from home, with one-on-one video lessons from native English-speaking instructors!

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The #1 Online Language Course for Kids

Specially developed for ages 4-15, this unique system is designed by expert academics aiming for children to speak confidently.

25-30 minute one-on-one lessons

Through gamified interactive live lessons, children learn English while having fun.

Choose your own instructor for the lesson

Our instructors are pedagogically trained professionals who can adjust to your child's level.

Interactive Live Lesson System

Our live lessons are conducted through our interactive live lesson system.

Gamified, Speaking-Focused Curriculum

Designed for children, the curriculum allows them to progress step by step starting from their own level.

Reservation System

Plan your lessons according to your own availability with our smart reservation system.

Evaluation Reports

Instructors provide feedback on your child's performance periodically.

45-day money back guarantee!

If your plans change, the fee for the remaining lessons will be refunded!



Completed Classes


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Pay in Installments Without Exceeding Your Budget

You can make installment payments for subscriptions of 3-6-12 months.

10% Sibling Discount

We offer an additional 10% discount for the sibling of a registered student.

Bring a Friend, Get +1 Month Free

Tell your friends about us and win 1 month free.

Special Discount for Users from Other Platforms

Transfer your account to us from different platforms and earn a discount.

The best instructors for your child!

All instructors at Online Kids Academy have pedagogical training. You can review the instructors' profiles and watch sample videos.

Karla Q

Premium Teacher

Krista R.

Premium Teacher

Alina A.

Premium Teacher

Alexandria C.

Premium Teacher

Zeliha A.

German Teacher

Nalan A.

German Teacher

Hürcan Y.

German Teacher

Meltem E.

German Teacher

Since our founding in 2019, we've been working solely for the future of children!

Our goal:

“To ensure your child becomes a confident speaking global citizen.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Kids Academy is an Online Language Course designed for children aged 4-15.
  • Each lesson is designed for students to have fun while learning the language.
  • English and German lessons are offered.
  • Lessons are conducted both individually and in groups.

Online Kids Academy is designed for children from 4 to 15 years old. This program allows your child to receive lessons suitable for their own level without requiring any language foundation.

For one-on-one lessons; English lessons last 25 minutes, German lessons last 30 minutes. Group lessons vary according to ages and course levels.

For our one-on-one lessons, you determine the time and day of the lesson through our reservation system. For group lessons, the days and times of the lessons are specified in the course program.

You connect to our lessons through the Online Kids Academy live lesson system. There is no need to download an additional app. You can connect to your lesson through your browser by clicking the enter class button found in your account.

You can cancel your lessons up to 2 hours before your lesson time through the platform.
A computer with an internet connection, camera, and microphone is sufficient. You can connect through the Chrome browser on your computer.
You can reach us via chatbox at the right bottom of page.
For installment payments, the entire amount is not blocked on your card. Installment amounts are withdrawn from your card in monthly periods, or you make your payments through the system. Installment options are selected at the final payment step.

You can download your invoices from the "my subscription information" section as soon as you make a payment.

We recommend that parents of students aged 7 and under accompany their children during the lessons.

For students older than 7, we suggest that parents accompany their children during the first lesson and allow them to attend subsequent lessons on their own.

All instructors at Online Kids Academy have pedagogical training. The ratings and evaluations you provide after lessons are important for the instructors.

Premium Instructors: Are native English-speaking instructors from America, Canada, and South Africa.

Standard Instructors: Are Filipino instructors who speak English at a native level. They are the most preferred instructors on the platform.

You can see where each instructor is from on their profile, watch their introduction video, and read comments made by other parents.